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Independent lawyer, anchored in a culture of criminal law since 2008, Me Pierre LEBRIQUIR was trained with Me Pierre and Philippe GONZALEZ de GASPARD, renowned criminal lawyers (HEAULME, FOURNIRET, SEMPAP cases ...).

Me LEBRIQUIR practices mainly in general criminal law and business criminal law. To date, he has taken part in more than 400 criminal trials. His technical approach to offenses allows him to ensure an efficient and precise defense, which he enhances with humanity and culture.

He has defended people involved in several sensitive cases, among which we can cite:


- offenses against persons:  murder , assassination, infanticide,  torture and forcible confinement ,  rape , sexual assault, incest, international pimping, violence ...

- property offenses:  influence peddling in a HLM office ,  jewelry store robbery ,  scams on the darknet , embezzlement of public funds,  Business Carder profit , business of  rolling wreck scandal.

If he pleads mainly in Paris and Ile-de-France, Me LEBRIQUIR also intervenes regularly throughout the territory, in particular in Lyon, Marseille, Normandy and Guadeloupe.

Investigation / instruction / custody

Criminal intervention during the investigation phase, before the examining magistrate (first appearance, questioning, confrontation), in police custody or free hearing.


Criminal court hearing / appeal court / assize court

Assistance and representation in criminal proceedings.

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